Friday, February 26, 2010

Forgive me readers... I have sinned!

I have to confess - yesterday I ate some baked goods! I know what you are thinking... oh what's a small spurge going to do me, no big deal, don't worry. But when you are on a low carb diet it can have a pretty big impact and I am hoping it will not tip the scale too much. It all started with the snow... it was coming down quickly and everyone at the office was planning to head home early to avoid the dangerous road conditions (that were only bad on the less traveled roads). Like many days at my office there was a fair amount of baked goods available on the conference table near my desk... home baked funfetti cake with chocolate frosting, apple crisp, churros (this is a new item to the usual food that is often available - I do not know who brought them, but whoever you are please do not bring them again!), B&W crumb cake, large cookies (choc chip and sugar w sprinkles), and possibly other stuff. Well I was coerced (that maybe a strong word, but based on what happened later that day it is appropriate) into bringing some home for the kids and hubby - "oh, you will want some treats for the kids when you are stuck in the house" and "oh it will only go to waste if you don't take some".... my response should have been "the kids don't need anything, I went food shopping in preparation for the storm - thanks, but no thanks!" or "these will just go to my WAIST if I bring them home - thanks but no thanks". As you already know I brought it home - 2 pieces of crumb cake, 2 large pieces of cake, 4 cookies (2 and 2) and 1/2 a churro (damn that person - whoever you are!) The kids were enjoying a snack of these delicious treats once we got home, and I just gave in and cut a small piece off the churro and ate it.... that lead to eating all of it.... and that lead to eating a piece of the crumb cake! Then the worst part of the situation was when I heard those dreaded words..."Are you suppose to be eating that?" from my lovely husband. That made me feel like I had been "caught" (because I had been) but my response was "I can eat whatever I want, thank you very much." (And I can eat whatever I want... techincally) While eating the baked goods I did have thoughts of going carb-crazy for the rest of day, but that short conversation was all I needed to end it right then and there! So thank you to my husband for being a pain in the butt and getting me back on track!

As of Wednesday (2 days ago) I was down a total of 10.5 pounds - I hope that I can at least maintain the loss this week and not gain (but of course seeing another loss would be good too!)

That's all I have for now... I have to go in the kitchen and throw out some cake and cookies (sorry to my family in advance)!

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